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At Summer and Co. The Cosmetic Tattoo Studio in the Sunshine Coast, we offer eyebrow tattoo services that enhance your natural beauty. Our experienced technician Summer will use the latest techniques to create natural-looking eyebrow tattoo that will complement your natural facial features. Say goodbye to the daily hassle of eyebrow makeup and hello to perfectly shaped brows that last for up to two years.

Welcome to Summer & Co.
We are here to answer all of your questions


  • Is Cosmetic Tattooing the same as body tattoos?
    Cosmetic tattoos are a popular option for those to enhance their natural features. Unlike body tattoos, cosmetic tattoos typically do not penetrate the skin as deeply and colors that are specifically tailored to the face. As a professional in the industry, I can assure you that cosmetic tattooing can provide a subtle and natural-looking enhancement to your appearance.
  • Does cosmetic tattooing hurt?
    Cosmetic tattooing can cause some discomfort, but it can be managed. The level of pain experienced varies depending on an individual's pain tolerance. Topical anesthetics are commonly used for eyebrow and eyeliner procedures to help alleviate or reduce pain.
  • Is cosmetic tattooing permanent?
    The longevity of cosmetic tattoos is a common question, but not an easy one to answer Typically, cosmetic tattoos last between 1-3 years, although there have been cases they have lasted for over 20 years. The permanence of a cosmetic tattoo depends on various factors, such as an individual's skin type, medical conditions, and colors used. Colours do fade over time, and we recommend a touch-up every 2-3 years.
  • Is Cosmetic tattooing safe?
    We take great care to ensure that all of our equipment is 100% sterile. Most of the equipment used is disposable and remains in its original sterile packaging until use. We strictly adhere to the health and safety regulations set by the QLD Government. After treatment, it is the client's responsibility to properly care for the treated area to maintain its sterility and cleanliness.
  • How do I choose a colour for my cosmetic tattoo?
    We recommend bringing in the colours you typically wear on a daily basis to help us choose the best shade for you. Before selecting a color, we consider your skin tone and desired outcome, and we strive to match your preferred shade as closely as possible. It's important to note that colors can change after implantation. Even if the same color is used on 20 individuals, the final result may vary due to factors such as the client skin undertones, medications, skin care products used , sun exposure , acidic based products, skins cellular composition and Failure to adhere to provided aftercare instructions. Immediately after treatment, the color may appear brighter, deeper, and more vibrant than the desired shade (keep in mind that the skin has been scratched). Up to 60% of the pigment can be lost during the healing period. As the skin heals, the color will become softer and lighter. We recommend waiting at least 6 weeks before assessing the colour.
  • What types of eyebrow tattooing are there?
    At Summer & Co., we offer three main types of brow tattooing: 1. Feather Touch: This technique involves creating fine, hair-like strokes using a hand tool. 2. Ombre/Powder: Using a machine, this technique fades pigment through the brows, giving them a powder finish. It is ideal for clients who desire a bolder and more defined look for their brows. 3. Combination: As the name suggests, combination brows combine both feather touch and ombre techniques. This offers the best of both worlds, giving the brows a natural yet defined appearance. Each of these techniques is tailored to meet the unique preferences and needs of our clients, and our skilled technicians will work with you to determine the best option for your desired results. Whether you're looking for a subtle enhancement or a more dramatic look, we have the expertise to achieve the perfect brow tattooing for you at Summer Skin Clinic.
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